Jul 2018
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William McCarthy - Life after The Augustines...

about William McCarthy

William McCarthy is a musician, writer, and visual artist based out of the Colombia Waterfront district of Brooklyn, NYC. Formerly the primary songwriter for New York City bands Pela and Augustines, McCarthy is forging his path as an independent artist in a new musical landscape.

Having toured Europe and the UK with his first ever one-man show, “Journals, Maps, Stories & Songs: An Evening with William McCarthy,” he spent the next leg of his journey performing while traveling on a motorcycle trek through 14 countries in Europe. McCarthy documented his expedition through a series of travel stories for his Patreon audience titled, “And So The Night Falls.”

McCarthy's second solo tour, Music for the People, allowed him to test his new work to sold out venues across the UK and Europe. Following this, he refocused his energy into his first solo album, "Shelter," released in August 2017. Along with the release of Shelter, McCarthy wrote his first book, UnSheltered, a collection of autobiographical stories inspired by the songs of his first solo work.

In early 2018, he celebrated the first year of his Podcast, “Onward with William McCarthy,” a series where he explores his current projects, latest adventures, and thoughts on the world at large. He is currently taking his journey back west with his first solo tour in the United States, experimenting with the trending pop-up show-style concert that allows McCarthy to utilize his voice, his stories, and his wit to connect with and captivate his audiences on a deeper level.

William McCarthy - An Introduction

William McCarthy - Time Ain't Always By My Side

And where it all began for William...

Augustines - Chapel Song

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