From Carbon are an Indie Rock band originating from suburbs of Manchester. The musical journeymen have combined their various influences to create a sound which manages to sounds both familiar and fresh with strong influences in Indie/Alternative, rock and elements of folk.

With a solid foundation the band are backed by a number of great musicians, bringing together a variety of strings, piano and percussion to enrich their sound.

“Wealth is one of the best indie rock records to come out of Manchester in the last 10 years, it’s a really great album” Mark Burgess (The Chameleons)

 “From carbon are one of the best bands on the scene right now , great songwriting and great live” Terry Christian (The Word, Imagine FM)

“Scott’s voice is brilliant and the band’s sound is massive” Denise Johnson (A certain ratio , Primal scream & H.E.Y.)

“I’ve got wealth on my ipod Very strong songs.” Andy Diagram (James , The Spaceheads)




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