JELA started their career down in Uzes, South of France where Lucas Bernard (singer/guitarist) and Arthur Marechal (drummer) met in high school.  Whilst studying, they met David Roberts who wrote lyrics and was originally from Manchester, UK. Straight away, surrounding themselves with different musicians on the bass, guitar and keyboard, JELA started out playing their own songs with a very unique style, mixing rock, folk, blues and their wide musical tastes, the whole thing driven by catchy melodies.

After their examinations, at seventeen years old, they decided to leave the sunshine and the cicada songs for the lovely dirty old town of Manchester where they’re now based.

Last Autumn  after playing with different musicians from various locations, Sam Artigau (Lucas’ cousin) joined JELA on the bass in their British odyssey.  They now play an energetic rock set heavily colored by a blues/folk background that will shape into their debut album in 2015 which will also be recorded independantly with Nuno Carvalho behind the desk. They are now planning to tour around the galaxy and beyond, starting this year in the UK.


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