Last Race Home

Born spring 2015 not only from passion for making music but also of frustration, frustration of an industry that severely lacks a band with connection. Last Race Home are a band that aim to represent the thoughts of the people, a band created for belief, with no gimmicks only real honest perspectives. All members have been in the business in one way or other and agree that its time to “give people something to relate to again, believe in and be a part of, Belong to –  Long term”
The five-piece band consists of former talents;
Last Race Home teams indie-folk Sandboy’s Denis Ferrige and Steven O’toole with the melodic and emotive singer-songwriter John Mackie, along with his gifted drummer Karl Hand and on Trumpet’s Steven Greenhalgh. With discerning lyrics and carefully crafted instrumentation, to both rousing and appeasing effect, it’s clear that Last Race Home is a music project that for all those involved should go running into great success.
” Dressed in flat-caps and braces, you could be forgiven for worrying Last Race Home were the next terrible Mumford & Sons mock-up band. However more scuttler than scoundrel, the endowed five piece proved to be far from irritating folk-pop, instead they are a catching and uplifting elevation of their own individual merit.” Written by Emily Schofield, music journalist.



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